Have a landline phone in your home for $0-$2.60 a month!

Given the coronavirus, unfortunately the world is in quarantine. One of the challenges during this time is that schools are giving remote sessions but there are not enough cell phones in the home!

We will provide an insight on how to setup a landline phone in one’s house – it can even replace one’s landline phone that they are paying a provider for $50 a month!

The components that will come into play are the following –

A) Google Voice – Google Voice provides VOIP phone calls with free, unlimited calling to the United States. Other optional benefits that are included are:

  1. Text from your computer or mobile phone
  2. Read your voicemail and search through it like email
  3. Personalize voicemail greetings for family and friends
  4. Make international calls at low rates

B) A device that’s connected to the home internet network via a CAT network cable.

C) Google Voice does not support 911 calling or Caller ID on incoming calls – we’ll be covering this as well later on.

  1. The first step is to get a VOIP device that works with Google Voice. We’ll use the Obihai Obi200 for our demonstration purposes today.

One connects the Obi200 device to the network and then connects any corded or cordless phone straight into the device.

This will look like this: Home Internet/Router –> Obi200 –> Phone

2. If one does not have a Google Voice number, one can sign up for a free one on Google Voice

3. Configure the Obi200 to connect to the Google Voice account –

a) Go to Obihai’s website and click on the top right “Sign In” – choose the “Google Sign In” option – there’s no need to create an account on Obihai’s site

b) Click on add a Google Voice account and follow the prompts.

4) Once connected and configured, the Obi might update which can take about 30 minutes

5) Make a test call from a different number to your Google Voice number to confirm the phone that’s connected to the Obi device rings

6) Optional (but recommended): 911 and Caller ID service.

There are companies which do provide 911 and Caller ID services. We’ll pick Callcentric for our demonstration today.

a) Sign up for the Dollar Unlimited plan – should be a $1 + $1.50 for 911 at Callcentric

b) Enable Caller ID – How to enable Caller ID in Callcentric

c) Disable being in their phonebook directory (same page)

d) Optional: add any phone numbers/names in their phone book to show up as special caller ID if you wish (Dad, Mom)

7) Go back to the Obihai’s site and configure SP2 on the Obi device for Callcentric – it’s listed under “Obitalk Compatible Service Providers” – enter the Callcentric account # and password and select the 911 option

8) Make a test call to the Callcentric number to confirm the phone that’s attached to the Obi rings

9) In Google Voice, link the Callcentric number as a new forward number and remove the check next to the Obi device

10) Call the Google Voice number – the phone attached to the Obi should ring with Caller ID

With this setup, calls ring to your Google Voice number which forward to the Callcentric number (for Caller ID) and then to the OBi.  Regular outgoing calls get routed through the Google Voice numbers except the 911 which goes through Callcentric.


  • One CAN migrate their regular landline to Google Voice but it’s not covered in this tutorial
  • If there are any questions or comments, please contact us – we’d be happy to assist!

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